Land Fund

In Aarhus Blótlaug we have a dream that one day we will be able to have our own place to celebrate blóts. This dream we have had for years and is a part of our statues.

The reasons for this are multiple:

  • We wish to create a spiritual place that we can adapt to our needs in respect of nature.
  • We would like a place where we can establish more or less permanent facilities as e.g. a stone circle, a blót circle or something similar.

No matter what then it is important to Aarhus Blótlaug that the worship of our gods takes place outdoors where the contact to the divine forces are enhanced by the whispers of nature.

To reach our goal of ownership or usage of a piece of land we have established a land fund where all our savings are placed. The contributions for the land fund derives from lotteries, auctions and profits from arrangements as well as voluntary contributions.

We gladly accept voluntary donations. They can be paid into our account in Arbejdernes Landsbank:
IBAN : DK4953810000260737

It is entirely up to you whether your contribution is anonymous or mentioned by name in our yearly financial accounts. There is a possibility for a tax refund for donations to the land fund in Denmark. As for rules of other countries please consult your own tax office for further advice.